BetterLife Global is a simplified, flexible community of philanthropists from Africa, with Africans, By Africans and for Africans on a mission to create the long awaited nutritious, healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

Food, affordable healthcare, clothing and shelter, the most basic need of man, is a right for all to have. Hence the security should not be for a selected sect – a resource that should be available for all irrespective of status, location, religion and belief.

Through this platform, we can together, have an excellent, equitable and even distribution of resources for a better lifestyle for people in the medical, banking, movie, fashion, military, food, manufacturing, networking, clothing and other industries.


FOCUS: You are the focus – if you grow, that means we are growing as a community.

Dynamic: We ensure flexible and accommodating principles driven by the members in this community – it is because of you that we are here, then you have to be at liberty to choose what is better and cannot destroy our community and we know.




Multi-level marketing (MLM) mostly understood or conventionally called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the system is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants is derived from within the community.

BETTERLIFE GLOBAL is not running the same conventional principles.

It is not just a multi-level marketing company, it is a company with people development as its core mandate and growth sustainability strategy.

You deserve even more because you are worth more than just food and money your profession, capacity, health and greatness is of utmost significance to the growth of this –

Giving, support, charity, funding and togetherness is the target. The MLM is a system for the even distribution of these resources in a way that security of food, health, clothing and luxury is continuous and guaranteed.




We believe Africans ‘CAN’, then there is surely an available potential and capacity-based individuals, personality, ideas for effective Governance, Leadership, Marketing, Manufacturing and innovations.

Hence we believe in Africans, by Africans, for Africans and with Africans and in the African Way.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves through helping to see the society better through:

  • Charity and Sponsorship
  • Free Education (IT, Business, Investment, Crowd Management, Leadership)
  • Project/Idea Funding
  • Talent Sponsorship
  • Micro loans
  • Jobs/Distributorship
  • Scholarship Programmes
  • Community Donations and Team Sponsorship
  • Training/Empowerment Programmes
  • Vocational / Skill Acquisition
  • Sports Development
  • Adult Computer Education


OUR COVERAGE – Target, Reach, Audience.

  • All Class have their grade and peers to partner with
  • All Profession have their customer base within
  • Every Occupation has its market here
  • Age Circle – everyone above the birth date
  • Embraced by all Religion (Christians, Muslims, Hinduist, Buddhist, Taoist all)
  • All Tribe, Ethnicity and Language
  • Geographical spread – every sphere and domain
  • Reputation – the rich, average, poor, High & Low Esteem, everyone
  • All kinds of Attitude – Reformation and rehabilitation happens here.


THE COURSE – Mission

An excellent platform, where support, relationship, delivery, satisfaction is guaranteed for the simplification of struggle to enjoy affordable food, healthcare, quality education, skill development, idea funding, health care, travels support, career development and more. Every referral to join this campaign is rewarded; the community runs, manages promotes and  also generate much needed income within, distribute evenly according to status and level while driving the cost of lifestyle to its barest minimum.


  • Hunger Eradication
  • Increased Dietary Plans
  • Free healthcare
  • Skill acquisition/vocational training
  • Alternative Income
  • FREE child Delivery
  • Force, Togetherness, Voice, Family
  • Brand, Personality, Professional Awareness
  • Better Ties (Tribe, Family, Ethnicity)
  • Trust
  • Partnerships, Investments, Awareness.
  • Individual/private Promotions
  • ,
  • The list is long – please suggest more – I am sure you know we can





  • Compensation Plan
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Awareness/campaign for self/individual business
  • Increased Customer/Clientele Base(ready market for you)
  • Constant Education/Training for Members
    • Finance
    • Direct Marketing
    • Networking
    • Speaking
    • Software Development
    • Websites
    • Digital marketing
    • Search Engine optimization
    • writing and development
  • Fellowship and Support (Togetherness)
  • Social Esteem Building
  • Shareholding/Stake-holding
  • Consistent increase in remuneration
  • Alternative financial LIFE-LINE




  • Constant Increase in Storage Space – where to store food
  • Resignation from current place of employment – loss of staff to BETTERLIFE GLOBAL
  • Challenges With Personal and Time Management – The temptation of investing all your time into BETTERLIFE GLOBAL
  • Increased reception of calls from community members and followers – for enlightenment
  • Social and Community Vices (Envy, Jealousy, hatred, Gossip, looks, etc.)
  • Teaching Responsibility – responsibility of training team members about successful business strategies
  • Leadership responsibility Assumption


  • Constant business learning process.
  • Technical Training (IT, registration, marketing, prospecting etc.)
  • Prospects Hunts (Online, Offline).
  • Capacity Identification Principles (within team/members).
  • Teaming (Creation and management).
  • Better understanding of Terminologies, Slogans, Registers, Knowledgebase.
  • Programme Conveyance and Fellowship.
  • Events, Member, Team and Community Sponsorship.
  • Positive and Significant Testimonies.
  • Colourful Team and Personal Identification Techniques
  • Community Advertisement and Effective Communication
  • Social Media Marketing and Increased Engagements
  • Remote outreach locations and gathering (Fellowship, Cyber café, collection centres and sales)
  • Community Support and Franchise (Warehousing, outstation, campaign centres)
  • Neighbourhood awareness and promotion
  • Followership and Loyalty principles and agreement
  • Social Gathering and Identification –
  • Birthdays, ceremonies, and other life events





  • Flexibility of structure
  • Dynamism for continuous expansion
  • Community Engagements
  • Crowd-Funding strategies
  • Direct Advocacy to team, groups, association, peers
  • Fellowship for better understanding togetherness
  • Loyalty/Buy-In – belief, trust, reliability and optimism
  • Unity (Objectivity, one-goal vision, one-voice) – Eradication of HUNGER
  • Continuous Campaign as a team, organization, office, club, class and colleagues
  • Publicity & Promotions of Self, Community
  • Education, Training, Learning for better understanding, practice and growth (IT, Business, Skills Development Strategies)
  • Digital Community – Unlimited Online membership identification
  • Event Attendance (Events, Deliberations, meetings, rallies)
  • Team-Work – Leadership and Followership
  • Community Service


  • Forever Accounts
  • Positive Awareness
  • New initiative for entire community (suggestions, feedback, etc.)
  • Continuous Advocacy
  • Constant Events Creation and Management
  • Continuous support centres’ expansion and business establishment



  • Deceit – fictitious stories about company and scheme
  • Account Hijacking by Uplines and team leaders
  • Business model re-inventing
  • Pessimistic comments, posts and stories
  • Stealing accounts details and benefits
  • Public (Open) complaints about system and platform
  • Arbitrary partnership with members/staffs without proper bindings
  • Discouraging members, prospects or investors
  • Antagonistic marketing / Demarketing



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