Carpa Education

Carpa Education


Carpa Education is an International Education Consultancy company. We recruit suitably qualified students to go to reputable universities around the world. We provide immigration advice and application assistance to clients from around the world. We also provide education agent support to international students who wish to study in China, Canada, and the UK.

Educational Services

1. International Admission

We help match students with suitable universities in countries of the students choice, usually institutions who will provide the students with the academic environment they so desire and campus lifestyle that suits them.

2. Career Counseling

Most times students dont know exactly what they want to study and why they should study that chosen major, so we have a team on hand to guide them on how their chosen majors may affect their future careers.

3. Academic training

In certain countries, TOEFL or IELTS or HSK language proficiency tests are a requirement for admissions. We provide exam preparatory training for students who require Language Proficiency Tests.

Travel Planning

1. Visa Aquisition

In certain cases our clients may not have the time or resources or know the visa application procedures, we help our clients secure travel visas upon request.

2. Flight Bookings

Most first time fliers usually request for flight booking service, we help students choose the most suitable flight itinerary considering the fact that they will arrive at their destination in a different time zone. We guide students on when its best to arrive in certain countries considering local conditions.

3. Pick Up Service

We also offer to pick up services for students upon request. Our Agents pick up students from the airport and safely send them to the university, introduce them to the university admission office for onward processing.