Smashinvest Integrated Services Limited is the investment arm of Smash Group.

It is a private investment company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and regulated by the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, Abuja. SmashInvest was established for the sole aim of managing all investment inflow channeled into our various business sectors. Our core area of investment is targeted towards the transportation sector.

We provide high caliber investment management and advisory services to individuals, corporate, domestic, and international companies which put us above other companies in our industry. Known for our innovative solutions, SmashInvest has been at the forefront of the transportation investment industry since inception.

We offer a comprehensive suit of investment products and services including fixed income investments and investment advisory. Our services are tailored to meet the investment needs of potential investors. We also offer repurchase agreements primarily for institutional investors and high net worth clients seeking superior fixed return short term investments.

We operate a transportation platform, comprising of SmashRides, SmashTransport and SmashLogistics, where investors funds are channeled into. The huge daily returns from these businesses enable us to conveniently provide profitable and competitive return on investments.

All procured vehicles are comprehensively insured by AIICO insurance.

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