Why covering your business?

Do what works!

Stop shutting your big clients out,you are in business for them.

The success and sustainability of any business depends,to every extent,on its visibility,awareness it creates(both for its existing and new products and services),winning new customers and keeping existing ones by satisfying customers’ needs through its products and services.

 Did you just say “it’s true” ? Whao…..

Your customers/clients are close to you .Oh, right at your doorstep…..Infact, they are looking for you but you have shut them out.

For every business owner/entrepreneur,the following questions  must be answered:

1.Are potential customers/clients  aware of the business and its products and services?

2.Are the existing customers/clients satisfied with existing products/services ?

3.Are they aware of the new products/services?

4.Are there new customers ?

These are questions every marketing methods seek to answer to be considered effective.

“I have answered them yet ROI staying on the low side”  you murmured.

How you answered the questions (method)  is as important as the questions.

These questions have remained unchanged but the method of answering them has changed!

They are “traditional questions” that must be answered digitally to keep up with the digital trend.

Thus every questions in the digital era must be answered digitally; marketing not excluded.

With changes in the socioeconomic pattern of lifestyle of increasing human population,the traditional linear method of marketing cannot effectively bring the business close to the teeming population.Thus the need for a more effective non-linear method capable of eliminating  or reducing the problems and limitations of traditional marketing which includes :


2.Time spent in reaching the audience

3.Human error in product marketing

Any new method for marketing must therefore perform all the roles of the former i.e traditional marketing, and also eradicate its limitations ,thus the birth of DIGITAL MARKETING.


According to Wikipedia,Digital marketing is the targeted,measurable and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.

Digital marketing has been described as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Digital marketing includes the use of social media, SEO, SEM, content automation, direct e-mail, e-book, display advertisement, clickable graphics, mobile phone SMS and MMS.

Digital marketing leverages on the power of the internet and other digital channels and their global visibility.


1. Digital marketing exposes your business with the power of internet to global audience.

2.Time spent in making linear contacts  to few people can be used to make non-linear system. Stop doing what does not work.

3.More people can be reached via multichannel marketing so guaranteeing that a good percentage of the target audience is reached.

4.Customers make decisions on what they see online based on online references.We ask our phones more than we ask people.

5.Target audience are on cyberspace with the proliferation of digital gadgets and electronics.

6.Your target audience are looking for your products/services themselves online but you are not there.

Stop. doing what does not work,Uncover your business. Contact the experts in Digital marketing.   

  If you have not incorporated digital marketing or have not yet fully harnessed the full advantage of digital marketing, stop short changing yourself. GO GLOBAL

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