Think Globally, Act Locally: Glocalization, The Language Of The Market

Daily, the internet continues to shrink the world into a single, and connected network, making the borders lose their effects. The resultant effect of this has made the market global, and the resources to serve those markets can be nothing but global with a distinct local satisfaction. Whether or not you consider yourself an international company, the contemporary global competition, connected economy and internet break down of borders should make you have a rethink.

The imperatives for business success in the contemporary century are moving at an exponential rate. In a bid to generate success and growth, a company has to tailor its strategies, modify its products, rethink its marketing programs and distribution approaches towards the service requirements of global customers.

Traditionally, in the business context, globalization means operating with resolute constancy across the world, selling the same thing the same way everywhere. The effective way to achieve globalization is the adoption of a localization strategy. This however sounds ironic but let me explain. Global customers must be met at their home locale and this is in a bid to satisfy their specific local requirements. The company in response to this must through adapting products, meet local needs of their customers, wherever the locale may reside. Potential customers all over the world are not interested in generic products, however good it may seem. So, the products they rather go for, and that you should supply are those that meet their specific need. Thus your company must be able to design globally for narrow local requirements. 

Ask me then what the answer to the above is, and I will simply say, ‘the internet’. Modern technology which finds its meaning in the internet is an important tool for attracting customers even to a local business. The internet helps see the world of business differently, sparks significant change and possibility for your business. Given the fact that social sharing influences internet shoppers, bringing in a language services providers(LSPs) and incorporation of a multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to:

  • Convey your message to different people through the use of different languages;
  • Choose effective local keywords and social hashtags by utilizing localised slang; and
  • Providing the necessary information for localizing your website content for your customers of different culture.

Many at times, companies have failed to meet the expectation of their customers due to their inability to present their product in a way that meets the individual expectation.

This depicts the importance of using local language to reach out to your customers.  Let me relate, consider big brands that make use of local brand ambassadors that are connected with the image of the brand to relay the message. We have Pepsi, McDonalds, MTN and many more brands. True that the universal language for business is English, but, to be able to carve a niche for your products, you may need to prioritize local language.

In essence, what the contemporary market understands is how much you can GLOCALIZE your service. This is not a new concept, and it only requires you to pay attention to what your customers want and need, what their unique problems are and how you can adapt your product and services to be more relevant and adaptable to the global world locally.

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  1. Deolu September 5, 2018 Subscriber

    Lovely article…think globally. One cent for all smart entreprenuer.

    • Nigerialisting September 5, 2018 Administrator

      Many thanks to you!

  2. Davidson September 5, 2018 Subscriber

    Superb Nigeria Listing has it all packaged in one role.kudos to NBL

    • Nigerialisting September 5, 2018 Administrator

      Thanks Davidson!

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